Since its inception in 1996, Powerhouse Casting has successfully cast over 10,000 commercials.

At Powerhouse we are responsible for casting amazing commercials and launching unforgettable campaigns. From high-end Superbowl ads to heart wrenching PSAs, our gold standard practices are known for showcasing great faces, brilliant dialogue and sensational talent.

We specialize in projects that produce top-tier comedy, beauty, dramatic acting and kids content.  We also do an incredible amount of “Real People” casting.  From circus performers to celebrity athletes, Spanish speakers to real funeral directors and everything in between – we do it all.

We have a vast network of industry connections with long standing relationships with directors, producers & agencies alike. Utilizing an active social media presence with a massive following that is constantly growing, we work tirelessly to seek out new emerging talent for every project that comes our way

yeah, we love what we do…

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